Our Guarantee


Want a new gym floor but don’t have a clue how much it costs?

We know. We know the EXACT cost as we have been doing just that for 34 years throughout the State of Alaska. AND, we know which products work for your activities and which products do not as we have installed every single one of them. Most of them multiple times. We have seen great success and equally great failures. We KNOW what works. And, we would be happy to share that information with you.

Give us the size of your current gym floor, your location and we will give you budgetary numbers for each of the different types of athletic flooring available in the marketplace today along with a brief explanation of the pros and cons of each. If you and your District are still interested in pursuing a new athletic floor or refurbishing your existing one, we offer a no cost, no obligation site visit.

One of us will visit your facility bringing samples and literature for each type of athletic floor. You inform us of your wants and needs and your main activities on this floor and one of us will lead you through a discussion of which types of athletic flooring would work in your facility for your activities.

We can give you exact turn key pricing for each of them and then leave you to make your decision. Use our experience so you can make an informed decision on which floor to have installed. Will cost you nothing but your time and when we say “no obligation”, we mean just that. We give you a written proposal after our site visit and then no more unless we hear back from you.

Scott Weber                      info@akind.com