Dex-O-Tex and Epoxy Flooring

Alaskan Industries, Inc.  is the EXCLUSIVE dealer in Alaska for Dex-O-Tex.  Their products are truly diverse. Epoxy is on the floor in our warehouse, and in the garages of several employees.  Epoxy flooring is tough, chemical resistant and the finished product looks GREAT.  It’s easy care, easy maintenance and easy cleaning.

“-Beautify – Protect – Waterproof – Restore-” 

At last count, their product line had over 60 different systems. 

Dex-O-Tex has had a solution for every situation we have run into since we started working with their products.  They have complete waterproofing systems and secondary containment systems, chemical resistant floors, electro-static floors, sanitary wall coverings, mechanical room floors and an extremely diverse line of decorative floors. 

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We invite you to visit the Dex-O-Tex website to learn more about their products. 

You can also contact our office for literature and/or samples.

View photos of Dex-O-Tex and other Specialty Flooring Installations HERE and HERE