Who We Are and What We Do

The firm now known as Alaskan Industries, Inc. first opened for business in May of 1974 catering to retail/residential flooring market. By 1980, it had changed to commercial flooring and installed it’s first two gym floors.

Since then Alaskan Industries has installed approximately 650 gym floors of every single type currently being marketed in the world.

With 35 years of picking and choosing manufacturers, Alaskan Industries has been able to align itself with the very top manufacturers of each type of athletic flooring. Since 2002, Alaskan Industries has done over 90% of all athletic floors installed in the State of Alaska and has become the “go to” firm for Architects and School Districts throughout the State.

1982 saw the first epoxy floor installation and in 1984, Alaskan Industries added ceilings to it’s product list. While it still pursues athletic flooring, epoxy floors and other specialty floors, Alaskan Industries also handles carpet, sheet vinyl, tile, ceilings both acoustical and specialty, terrazzo, concrete restoration, moisture mitigation, concrete polishing, acoustical panels, bleachers and the list goes on. In each of these categories, we have sent our crews Outside for training and brought the manufacturer’s tech reps up here for specific job training. Each of these trades requires their own specialty tools and, we discovered long ago that to do excellent work requires the top of the line machinery and manufacturers that support their equipment.

While our name is Alaskan Industries, Inc, our logo says TEAM ALASKAN INDUSTRIES and we believe, to be competitive these days, it has to be a TEAM effort. Starts with the premier manufacturers of each product, top of the line equipment and the support required for same, continues with a highly motivated office staff and completes with well trained, well equipped installation crew. Perfect? NO. Continuously striving for perfection? ALWAYS.

~ Alaskan Industries